Thanks for finding me! 

I am Tina R. Hart... I work as a Project Manager in IT for Gannett.  I've been an IT geek since high school when I first started playing with computers. I build websites for fun, help people with their PC's when they break them and put on running events in my spare time. This is my personal website with links out to the other sites I have created and the events I manage.

I'm a new grandma.. my little grandaughter is the light of my life, just like my twins. You can find my professional profile on LinkedIn (links to my profiles are below on the sides).

and... yeah... I love my Seahawks!!! :)

Tina & Chriss

My Playlist

- Streisand
Supermarket Flowers
- Ed Sheeran
Sing 'Em Good My Friend
- Kenny Chesney
I'll Think About You
- We Are Messengers
I Believe
- Diamond Rio
- David Cook
I Will Not Say Goodbye
- Danny Gokey
You're Still Here
-- Faith Hill